Ben’s 1st year ~Waxhaw Child and Family photography~

Oh so many ways your baby will change in that first year.  It’s simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love seeing all the cute stages of a babies first year.

3-4months – holding their head up

6-7 months – sitting up

1 year- crawling or walking and usually a few teeth!

3months 6 months



Sweet little girls 1st year photos! ~Charlotte area children’s photographer~

I know I have said this before but man it is just so much fun to see our baby’s first year customers as they grow! Such changes in that first year – it’s just amazing! Here is another one of our baby’s first year graduates – in her case we did newborn session, 7 month session (this is my personal favorite type/time of year session…so smiley!) and then of course her 1st birthday session with her big sister along with mom and dad too! My second favorite sessions to do are family sessions – love seeing mom in the photos because we are so rarely in pictures with our kids!

I hope everyone had a great start to their school year and have a safe fun….last bit of summer….this weekend!

Baby girls first year photos

1st year photo program

It just amazes me how fast little kids change so it makes it even more the better to be able to capture some of those ever changing moments for my families. Love this little sweetheart- his eyes are so beautiful! My first year package includes 3 sessions within the first year and I usually recommend them at 4 months, 7 months and 1 year. Why 4 and 7 months vs 3 and 6? Well I’ll tell ya! Babies can usually hold their heads up better at 4-5 months so it’s nice to be able to document that milestone and can make for some super cute pictures. Same thing with 7 months – look how cute his is sitting with his little naked tush! Most babies don’t sit well/for a good amount of time until more around 7 months :-)

Make love to the camera ~Charlotte Family Photography by Carrie Scruggs~

Lol – Charles you crack me up!  Now I always have that phrase stuck in my head when I’m shooting!  Melissa, you

have a beautiful crew and I just loved meeting you all!


A year in review ~Belly to 1st birthday~

Wow – it is so fun to see the entire year of a child’s life as they grow!  I thought I’d do a quick share of a beautiful set of twins, from belly to 1st birthday!


mine. ~Charlotte children photographer, Carrie Scruggs Photography~

Warning….. visual overload about to happen.

As any photographer will tell you…. taking pictures of our own kids is just about the HARDEST thing we ever set out to do!  It just must be something about having to be the mom and the photographer or maybe it’s just that our kids are tired of having their photos taken that they just refuse to cooperate?  Or maybe it’s just because they can feel our neediness and want?

Either way… IT IS HARD!  So I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided (at the last minute) to not only take photos of my kids WITH NO HELP…. but I also took the dog!    I shot at 5:30 (not an ideal time of day) on a busy road so there was tons of traffic passing by as we sat and tried to take some photos.  Wowza…. it was NUTS!

My little bear is now 1 and enjoyed his first lollipop though (ok – it was my attempt to keep that hat on him).

So here you go…. a little slideshow journey with my 3 boys and our dog!

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Smiles.  Infectious smiles.  If you don’t smile and get a warm fuzzy feeling when you see this little guys face then you are an android robot with no soul.  Yes.  NO SOUL.  This little guys smile, well you just can’t beat it!  Look at that face!  He loved him some balloons!  What a great age.  One year olds are on the move but they are so happy and they give the worlds best smiles!

L – It was wonderful to see you as always!  I can’t believe your little man has graduated from my baby’s first year program!  How sad for me!  I know we will still see you but so sad that it won’t be as often!  You and R are such a fun and wonderful couple!  It’s really been a pleasure and know that you and your family are in my prayers.  Keep your head up and call me if you just need to chat! 



I had to include this last one simply because I loved mom’s smile!

Keep smiling ya’all!

Charlotte child photographer