Me and my family

Ok – so have I ever told you that I HATE getting my own photo taken… much less trying to get my entire family together for a photo?  UGH!  I told Chaeli (she helps me out every once in a while as an assistant) that no matter what I said…. she HAD to make me do this…. don’t let me back out!

I have to give it to those folks out there that do the annual family photo because it is HARD work getting everyone dressed and ready…at one point both my kids were crying…. they were cold… they overall DID NOT want to cooperate!  IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING!  I have a brand new appreciation for my clients end of things.  Taking the photos is hard work too but geeze… so is the other part (dressing them etc). 

A HUGE Thanks to Chaeli for taking these photos for us:


A quick few of my boys, Sammy (5) and Owen (3):


2 thoughts on “Me and my family

  1. Aw, but you have such a totally adorable family – and I love these pics so it’s a good thing you toughed it out! 🙂 The day after Thanksgiving, I had my family pics taken with my extended fam too, in downtown Charleston. It was a lot of fun actually! (And also you’re right on the money with it being a good reminder of what our clients go through, haha! So true!)

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