wedding bliss with an umbrella

I had the super fun opportunity to be a second shooter for a wedding a little while back and am just now getting around to posting some images, yikes!  I will have more to come soon:


2 thoughts on “wedding bliss with an umbrella

  1. I love these girl. Awesome job! Just wanted to pop on and say thanks for the well wishes with my new business. I’m a ways off – not really planning to dive in until Spring. However, your kind words really mean a lot. I’m a nervous wreck about it all and just need to stay calm. Ha ha! Messing up my images are one thing, screwing up someone else’s is another. HA HA! I got the a new Nikon D300 as an early Christmas gift this week and it is really forcing me to have to LEARN from the inside out. That is a good thing. I’m enjoying it. It’s just so different from my basic D40x. Ya know?

    Anywho,wish me luck. I might be emailing you from time to time with questions if you don’t mind. It’s all going to be a trial and error process. Again, so scary. 🙂

    Thanks for the support sista! Means the world to me.
    Hugs, Angie Seaman

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