Meet my fantabulous roomie and our rockstar hostess

Some of you may know that I just returned from a few days in Philly where I was meeting up with some kick ass photographers to do a little “secret” sharing and fun.  I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting my friend Maggie who I had been chatting with online for over a year but just finally got the chance to meet her face to face and boy did we just seem like we’d known each other forever!  After we met up at the airport (Maggie is from AZ) we headed out to meetup with our good karmic host Dana!  Another photographer described Dana as the embodiment of love and good karma and I have to agree 100%.  She is so sweet and nice and I am still in awe that she let two strangers crash her pad when she just got over a bad case of strep throat AND has a 4 month old baby along with two other handsome little boys!  I can’t tell you how much fun I had because words are just failing me right now… but I can show you my new friends!


and Dana:

I have lots more photos to post of them when I get a free moment – we had the best time taking some pics of each other just before Maggie and I had to leave for the airport 🙂  More to come soon!


2 thoughts on “Meet my fantabulous roomie and our rockstar hostess

  1. awww girl! i just stumbled upon this post. i had sooo much fun, only wish we had more time… then you could really get the Philly experience, Pat’s steaks an’ all… love and hugs!

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