Julie is gonna kill me…

So below you will see Ava and Ainsley… Julie’s twin 3 year old girls.  While we were playing and having fun I asked Julie to sit for some photos so I could practice some catchlighting….. I never told her I was going to post them to my blog…te ..hee…hee.. or as Julie would say “ha cha cha”

Meet my beauty of a friend… Ms. Julie

“Why yes Edward… I would love to meet you for dinner tonight”img_2969wmIf Julie was a novelist… this would be her photo on the back cover:img_2973bwm1This would be Julie’s photo on CNN pondering the state of the world todayimg_2975bwm

Julie’s Promo photo for Saturday Night Liveimg_2953wmJulie trying to not look “blond” or is she just thinking of yellow creamy goodness (ahm…cheese people!)?img_2948wmJulie’s “Barbara Walters” poseimg_2954wm


One thought on “Julie is gonna kill me…

  1. You crack me up! I have to tell you Greg’s absolute favorite photo is my ‘Saturday Night Live Promo.’ He thinks it is, “So me…” Nice!

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