Baby Avery

So baby Avery is 6 weeks old! Yay! And her brother was an absolute CHAMP when it came to sitting for picutres with is new baby sister. Seriously – I really warn parents that it is HIGHLY unlikely that any child close to the age of 2 years will sit for a photo with a new baby (mostly because they really want the baby to go back where it came from…. and fast!)….. so I was completely amazed at the wonderful images we got of brother and sister this go around! Oh and for many of you, you already know that the baby in the wagon image on my website/flickr etc is one of my ALL TIME most viewed images right…. well that was little Mr. Tyson when he was just 6 weeks old! Check it out!

Tyson at 6 weeks:

And here is the infamous wagon…. again with Tyson … but also Avery :

and Tyson all grown up!  Yes – I do realize his eyes are closed but the smile is so powerful that I just fell in love (yes I do have more photos of him but with his eyes open in the wagon)

Ok and here is Ms Avery – in anticipation of Easter:

Ready to go?

An unusual resting place:

little bunny foo foo

Soft and sweet….

When baby’s are fussy…. we take pictures of any willing subjetc 🙂

Ok – I need to stop now before I post the entire session on here!


Have a great weekend!


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