Jessie’s guy….da.nana..nana

Ok – yes the song really goes “Jessie’s girl” but in this case Jessie is the girl and not any girl at that…. but my kick butt babysitter!  I am so happy that I have met and gotten to know Jessie.  She is so warm, fun, and plain old cheerful!  My kids ADORE her and beg me to go out to dinner so Jessie can come over!

Jessie is set to get married here in July to her wonderful fiance Dave.  Dave you did a FANTASTIC job with this photo session.  I know for guys…doing a photo session is comparable to being poked in the eye with a hot stick…. but you didn’t even complain when I asked you to take off your shoes…..whoot whoot!  Give it up for …… Jessie and Dave!  I hope you guys have a wonderful destination wedding and I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Jessie-4272 web


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