second baby bump=bliss

I talk to many moms who say they don’t want to do maternity photos of their second pregnancy because they didn’t do it with their first baby and what I say is:

Your second child will never have all the “first’s” that your first child had so go ahead and let yourself do something “special” for this baby because it never seems to fail – you are busier with two kids so you don’t have as many photos of your second born, you don’t get that baby book done (or at least not with the same amount of detail) and the list goes on and on ESPECIALLY if you have two kids of the same sex…

So there you have it 🙂  Go get those maternity photos done because each pregnancy if a gift to be cherished! 

Thanks Chaeli for letting me take your photos on this second journey into motherhood!  You look BEAUTIFUL and I have no idea how you are going to choose what photos to print because I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


chaeli_maternity-5415 web



4 thoughts on “second baby bump=bliss

  1. I loved everything about this maternity session! So beautiful and creative!

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