Conner is my hero….. ~Charlotte North Carolina Child Photographer~

I have posted in the past that I joined an organization called The Littlest Heroes Project.  TLH provides complimentary photography services for children with serious illness or life altering disability.  Find out more here: Littlest Heroes Project

Meet Conner.diane_francisco_2009-6985

He is a spunky little 4 year old that is just full of life!  He has such a wonderful spirit and is a real trooper.  Conner just celebrated his 4th birthday.  Conner was diagnosed with stage IV hepatoblastoma ( a rare form of liver cancer) just 5 weeks after his 2nd birthday.  His mother is happy to report that he is currently in remission!  Read more about Conner’s journey on their Caringbridge Journal

Conner is so happy to have received a wonderful gift from Make a Wish Foundation of a brand newplay set!  He loves it so much that his mother tells me that he even eats dinner up there!


Not only does Conner love his playset but he also loves to be a cowboy!  He got a fantastic spring pony for his birthday and we had a real showdown… shoot out with the whole family!


It started with a great chase….




Then came the showdown



The shootout:


What comes next…. but of course…. the Sheriff:


Meet the Cowboys….. Conner and Matthew




Conner also has a love for his best furry friend Saddie


Mom and Dad


After taking this photo Conner’s mom told me how she felt it represented their life.  Try as they might, Conner has to pull through this mostly on is own ….. and his pulling his family along with him…. with a little push here and there of course 🙂


Conner and family… I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to meet you all!!!!!!!!!!  May you have many endless wonderful days ahead of you to play cowboys together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XOXO, love



2 thoughts on “Conner is my hero….. ~Charlotte North Carolina Child Photographer~

  1. Carrie—-
    Thanks so much for coming out and taking such great pictures of the boys. I don’t know how you did it, but you caught great shots and perfect expressions amid all that chaos!
    Thanks for giving us some wonderful memories!

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