End of summer ~ Charlotte Family Photographer~

Yes, it’s that time.  The time when kids go off to school and the beach becomes lonely for all those silly childish laughs.  It is…. dum.dum.dum… the end of summer.

I hope you all had a fantastic summer!  I have my oldest son heading off to kindergarten on Thursday so life is full of change for us, but good change of course!

Sun kissed and happy is how the J family has ended their summer.  They have played on the beach and now are ready for school.  I had a great time as always with the J family.  I think I’m going to have to higher “dad” as my assistant because he got some great smiles from his girls for me (you’ll see those later… I didn’t have time to get those up today).  Farewell to the summer and the pool…….hello fall!


IMG_3053_9457web by you.IMG_3105_9509 copyweb by you.j and c 2009 by you.


cate by you.jillian by you.


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