The “C” family… Celebrate Life ~Charlotte Family Photographer~

I did another Celebrate Life session this weekend with a wonderful family that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing “mom” for a year or so now.  She is the preschool director for the preschool where I have taken their spring photos the last couple of years.  Somehow in conversation it came up that she had never had a family portrait taken!   She has three beautiful children but her youngest son “z” was born at 27 weeks and spent two months in the NICU with hydrocephalus (brain fluid pocket), brain hemorrhage at birth and later cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  His cerebral palsy has affected his hips and legs.  Until recently he has gotten around via wheelchair but mom is so proud to tell us that now he has new braces and a walker that he is really excited about using (even though he tires quickly).  You should see the huge smile he gets as he show you just how fast he can run with his new walker!  Not only is little man “z” getting around in a whole new fashion these days…. but mom tells me that they have finally gotten his immune system a bit stronger and his seizures under control so now he’s finally able to attend preschool this year!  I have no doubt little man “z” is  making a load of new friends!   For all that this little guy has gone through…. his spirit is so wonderful and full of life!  He really was just cracking me up with all his silliness.  Oh and I’m sure he’s able to keep such a great spirit because he has the best and strongest support system with such a wonderful and caring big brother and sister that are always looking out for him!  Meet little man “z” and his wonderful family!



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