~Lift up Ellie~ Celebrate Life Session

It’s not often in your life that you have those “moments”.  Moments when you think to yourself…. I was meant to meet this person.  This person will always be a part of my life and my life is better, from knowing her/them/him.  Well that “moment” happened to me this weekend.

I was contacted through a friend about the Potvin family.  I was told about their terrible struggle.  I read their caringbring site and just cried. 

Amy is living every mother’s nightmare.  Everyday since I read their caringbridge site I have thought of them and now that I had the GREAT GREAT pleasure of meeting them…. I think of them even more.  I try to image how Amy is feeling right now.  I just can’t image the whirlwind of emotions surround something so surreal as the possibility of loosing your child.  Your twin child.  The nauseous feeling that must follow you day in and day out.  The feeling of being helpless to protect your baby.  The anger.  The despair.  The hope.

I’m not a big “writer” and most of my words are probably  “>misspelled but I really felt that I wanted to share “Team Potvin” with you as they have touched my heart and my soul……………………… and they NEED A MIRACLE.  For those of you out there who believe in miracles too – please keep them in your heart, your thoughts and your prayers.

Meet Ellie.


Meet Grace


Ellie and Grace are 7 years old.
They are twins
They love to sing
They love barbies
Ellie is battling Stage IV Cancer
Ellie went back into the hospital today because her cancer has returned

Meet Team Potvin


What a beautiful family!  Look at all the silly things these two girls came up with!





Did I mention that the girls like to “rock out”?  Well of course we had to get them some rockin fun gear (that seriously looks like it came straight out of the 80’s…… what can I say….. wasn’t everyone a Madonna fan at some point in their life?)






Read more about Ellie and her family on her Caringbridge site

Watch Ellie and Grace as she rocks out on her youtube video.

Know a family in need?  Photographers helping in their community through Celebrate Life


11 thoughts on “~Lift up Ellie~ Celebrate Life Session

  1. Carrie – these pictures are beautiful! And now I’m crying too! I will definitely keep this family in my heart.

  2. gorgeous photos Carrie! The secret telling one made me cry. My best friends growing up were twins and i know about that special bond. im saying lots of prayers for your little friend.

  3. I have been following Ellie’s Caring bridge site since I found out about her fight with cancer last year. They have amazing strength and she is such a beautiful girl. This is a wonderful gift you have given them.


  4. I will be praying for this precious little girl and her family. Thank you for sharing this. This pictures are beautiful!

    Love you,

  5. Thank you for sharing Carrie. My thoughts and prayers will be with Team Potvin, and with two beautiful twins. When will you be back in Co? Would love to set something up with you!

  6. I too have been following Ellie’s journey since it all began in July 2008. She is such an inspiration to so many! After you follow someone on CaringBridge, you feel as if you actually know them, even if you’ve never met them in person. And, from what I “know” about Ellie, and her family, you have wholeheartedly captured their spirit and character in these photographs. Absolutely beautiful!

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