This face was made for print! ~Charlotte Model Photographer~

Meet Cole – I don’t need to tell you just how handsome he is….. you can see that for yourself!  He is my little “model” friend and I always love it so much when his mom brings him around because he is so easy to photograph and boy does he have the BEST clothes!  If you know me at all then you know that I am a HUGE sucker for styled portraits and for anything to do with hats and scarves!  I think I scare people sometimes because I am always telling them to bring hats and scarves to their fall sessions because I truly feel it adds that extra umph to photos – gives them a bit more personality and style!  Well needless to say….his mom knocked it out of the park for me in this area!

I have only had a chance to proof a small few so far as I have been busy taking school photos at Anami Montessori this past week but I promise I will have more up soon!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One last thing  (ok… maybe more than 1)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Thank you all so much for a wonderful year!  It is through your loyalty as wonderful clients that I have been able to give the gift of memories to 4 wonderful and deserving families this year!  What does that mean?  It means that they received not only complimentary sessions but also prints and or a disc of all their images to keep and cherish!  Thank you!


  • I am completely book for 2009. 


  • I will be offering a limited amount of spring sessions in March/April and then I will be taking time off from the end of April until August.  Why you ask?  Well…………….. we had a big shock and we are expecting baby #3!  Yes… I can’t believe it myself…. I will have three kids!  Yikes!  Our new little bundle is due to arrive May 1st.  Wish us luck!!!!!!!!!!

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