We don’t need no stink’n girls………..

Yes – to some degree all women want to feel like a princess but as we get older we’ll settle for a queen 🙂  A friend of mine emailed me asking if my husband has gotten me a tiera yet as I am now the Queen of my household…….. a household of all boys.  Yep – Scruggs baby #3 will be a boy.  Shoot….. even our new puppy is a boy!

On the drive home – my 6 year old was riding in the car with me….. he’s taken to making up songs and singing lately….. here is what he came up with:

Boy. boy. boy…….. wish we had a girl.  Boy.boy.boy……..wish we had a girl (seriously…..was he reading my mind or something?!)

My mom was very sweet when I called her…. she said something like “girls are so winey…. we like boys better anyway” – I thought that was very sweet of her to say…. even though there are NO girls to date on either side of my family and everone was really hoping we’d be able to bring a little pink into the family!

Another friend sent me my first baby gift from her two boys and the card said……. “we don’t need no stink’n girls”!  I thought that was really cute!

I will forever belong to a boys club but at least boys love their mommies!\

Boys Rule and Girls Drool – or so my 6 year old tells me


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