baby boy “c” ~Charlotte newborn photographer~

I really loved meeting baby “C”.  He just loves to be held and is so super snuggly!  Holding him really got me all mushy inside about my little boy who is due to arrive May 1st.  The only thing that worried me…….. I just was not the baby whisperer with little man “c”.  I had a heck of a time getting this little guy to sleep!  He’d snuggle in close to me on my chest and I could swear he was sound asleep and then bam…. the minute I would set him down…..  he’d not only be awake but awake and MAD AT ME!  How dare I put him down!  LOL – you gotta love babies!  Sweet baby “c”, I hope you are giving your lovely mama a rest these days!


2 thoughts on “baby boy “c” ~Charlotte newborn photographer~

  1. Beautiful Carrie! After all the heartache trying to get him to sleep – you sure took some beautiful shots! I LOVE those back wrinkles! :o)

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