What they want…… ~Charlotte, NC Child Photographer~

Wanna know what folks are doing with their photographs these days?  Well check it out!

(I tried so hard to take a decent photo of some of my clients recent purchases so please be kind…. I really struggle with product photography!  These images truly do not do the products justice but they are so lovely that I had to at least TRY and show you what folks are buying these days.)

Chain Gang

This is a set of 3 4×6 images, printed on metal and then linked and hung by chain – the metal does such a fabulous job of showing off all the wonderful tones of the photos (I just wish my photo did the same to show you) – these are just amazingly beautiful and such a unique and crowd stopping product – you really need to see my studio sample if you haven’t before to really get a feel for these!

Float mount metals:

These are also printed on metal but they have a float backing so they don’t sit directly on the wall but about an inch or two off the wall giving it a really cool 3D display feel.

Newborn Collage:

This is a gorgeous thick black frame that showcases 9 images – such a great way to display all those bits and pieces of a tiny newborn!

Custom Birth Announcements:

This is one of my recent favorites – I love the simplicity of the black with the white frame.  We printed this on what is called a “pearl” paper that have it a wonderful soft shimmer – truly a unique way to introduce your new little one to the world!


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