Schedule update….maternity leave info.

Hi everyone!  I wanted to give you a quick update on what my upcoming calendar will be looking like.

With baby boy #3 on his way and due to arrive the 1st of May I have closed off my schedule for any new sessions until August 1st.  Until then I will be finishing up on the Providence Presby Preschool project as well as finishing out the remaining client orders still open and on my books.  For those of you on my baby plan – we should have already spoken and picked out our tentative dates for any of your upcoming sessions.

Please let me know if I’ve missed communicating with anyone currently on my schedule but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten everyone covered!

On that note…… 2010 is bringing about some changes along with a new baby!

I will be taking bookings starting in August but I will be limiting my sessions to 3 a month.  This is a large decrease from last year so PLEASE PLEASE be advised and book early if you want me to do your holiday photos for 2010.  At this point I do not plan on offering any mini sessions for the 2010 holidays either (in case you were holding out to see what this year’s specials would be).  Thank you again for your loyalty and understanding and I hope to see everyone again soon!



And of course I have to leave you with a photo from this past weekend’s session that I thought was sooooo cute!


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