Non baby whisperer?????????? ~Charlotte child photographer~

Could it be true?  Have I lost my touch?  Could I be the “non baby whisperer”…. please oh please tell me it was a fluke, little Mr. C! 

If you ask me…. I’m going to mark it off as “a growth spurt” and that it wasn’t anything to do with my “touch” lol!  What am I talking about you ask?  Well I went to pay little Mr. “C” a visit to document and celebrate his first year baby plan by taking his 3 month baby photos.  Needless to say…. I did not bring my lucky rabbit’s foot along with me (not that I really have a rabbit’s foot… but you know what I mean).  Poor little guy just fussed and fussed at me this past weekend AND THEN….. passed out.  I mean really passed out!  Passed out as in…. no hope of waking him up.  Passed out as in… he probably didn’t know where he was when he woke up (you would have thought we had drugged him he was so out)! 

We did however have better luck the following day (whew!)  Thanks mom for being so flexible!  Little Mr. “C” just hasn’t realized the demands that come with  being a baby rockstar yet!


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