Up on the auction block ~Charlotte children’s photographer~

Going once!  Going twice!  Sold!

Ok – I’ve only been to one real live auction in my life and I was pretty little but I really do think it went kinda like that!  I think you must have a special talent to be an auctioneer – they talk soooooo fast!  Well luckily for the “R” family – they didn’t have to be on their toes quite so much when they won this auction…… it was the SILENT type!  Last fall I had donated a session to one of my clients schools to help them raise money in the way of a silent auction and the “R” family were my wonderful winners!  Yay “R” family!

I photograph a variety of ages but to be honest – I get a lot of babies and smaller kids since those are the “networks” I am in since my kids are small.  I have to say… it was a nice change to hang out with some big kids for a while!  Even though…. I still don’t believe them when they told me they don’t watch much tv!  What kid doesn’t like to watch tv?????  I could only WISH that to be the case in my house 🙂


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