Ring around the Rosie and more….. ~Charlotte Family Photographer~

If the photography blog world were a Catholic school….. I’d be getting my wrist smacked by a ruler right now!  In the portrait photo world you are often told that you should only post 3-5 photos to your blog of any one session…. and I usually stick pretty close to this… except for today!  Every once in a while the stars align …. and this happened for the “C” family.  We accomplished so much during this family photo session that I just couldn’t help sharing our wonderful day with you!  Their sweet girls were so fun and full of energy that Chaeli and I just kept on shooting and shooting and shooting …. thinking we were surely going to wear them out soon but boy did they give us a run for our money on that bet!  Oh and how cute our those beautiful blue petticoat skirts????  I mean come on… you can’t blame me for wanting to show those off!

Thanks “C” family!  Chaeli and I want to hire you to coordinate our outfits for our own family photos because you did such a GREAT job putting your family outfits together! (and I didn’t even show the first beautiful pink outfits!)


One thought on “Ring around the Rosie and more….. ~Charlotte Family Photographer~

  1. After seeing ALL the pictures – it’s crazy to think that there are 150 more that are just as beautiful as THESE! There are just no words to describe this session… Beautiful job once again!!!!!

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