look at those eyes! ~Charlotte Family Photographer~

Seriously…. look at those eyes!  I know you aren’t going to believe me but I DID NOT touch the color of her eyes.  Nope, not one bit…. they are REALLY that beautiful in real life.  To be honest, I didn’t even notice her eyes until I went to edit this photo and I did do a bit of a color pop on her clothes and then I realized that her eyes exactly matched her dress!  Good job mom on picking that dress!

Oh – I guess I didn’t tell you… this little cuties’ mom is my friend and wonderful assistant that many of you have had the pleasure to meet… Miss Chaeli!

Now – I don’t want little Miss to steal the show here – since we did just do photos of her not so very long ago for her one year photo session.  I tell you, her big brother “K”…. well, I’ve NEVER ever met anyone who loves trains more than “K”.  Seriously now…. I met “K”, what about 3 or 4 years ago and he was way into trains then and he did not disappoint this go around either.  We literally bribed him by saying he could walk on the train tracks after this next photo…with his dad of course.  What?  You think we’d let him just walk about by himself?  Of course not!



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