Baby “E” is almost 1 year old!

Sweet sweet little baby “E” is now turning 1!  This year really just seems like it flew by!  Baby girl “E” – I’ve had so much fun hanging out with you this year, watching you grow through all the fun stages that come with a baby’s 1st year of life (see her newborn and 6 month photos).  I hope you don’t give your momma too much trouble as you begin to explore the world through walking and then running…. oh and then those terrible 2’s!  Let’s hope she’s an exception to that 2’s rule!  I know the below photo is going to make you think she’s not but really she was sooooooooo great for us!  I can’t help it…. I just adore photos of crying babies so I couldn’t resist sharing this beauty!  Seriously – give me a good pouty picture any day…. love them!  Nothing will bring back those long gone feelings of early parenthood like a pouty/crying pictures of your lovey!

Charlotte Children’s and Family photographer


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