School photography never looked so cute!

Well at least my kid’s school photos never looked so cute as these!  School photography really hasn’t come very far in most ways (not talking about my school photography of course!)… but at least we no longer have the fake mini blinds as a background option!  Did you know that in my son’s elementary school you can select your background from a choice of like 8 different colors (all hideous by the way) and you also have to PREPAY.  Somehow, even though I’m a photographer.. I still get guilted into buying that annual school photo.  Some people have told me how they ask for a reshoot if their kid looks funny in the photo but to me… isn’t that the point?  Future blackmail material????  I guess I’m one of the few that believe…the funnier/dorkier the photo… the better! (at least for school photos that is!).

But hey – we had no crazy dorky funny photos in our beautiful Montessori school photos!  I was SOOOOOOOO happy to see that these kids came out with their game face on this year!  They were all dressed so stinking cute!  Oh and if you didn’t know this about me… I have a soft spot for any kid in rain boots (my little “O” wears them everywhere and I just LOVE IT!).  Check out some cool and good-looking school photography here in our wonderful Charlotte area:



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