Change can be good….. right????

Or at least that is what I keep telling myself because it’s so hard to say goodbye.  Gosh, I’m already starting to cry and I haven’t even written anything yet!  Bear with me here (is that even how you spell bear in this case…. I’m a horrible speller?).

So – my good friend and her son are moving in just a few days.  I know it’s sad when anyone you love moves away but this time is feels harder simply because of all the things going on in their lives right now… and the fact that I won’t be able to lend them a hand when they move away.

Ok ok – my mind is just a mess and I am having a hard time telling you their story.  Sorry.  Let me try again.  I met my wonderful friend Jennifer a few years back when she had just moved here to Charlotte.  I thought it was so cool that she also had a son named Owen and we quickly became friends through her wonderful sister.  I remember the first time we hung out…. we all sat on my kitchen floor as her Owen had his first taste of “kicks” cereal!  I remember this because I found it so cool that she was so laid back that she didn’t think a thing about sitting on my kitchen floor (vs at the table) and was just so easy to talk to.  Shortly after they moved here – her son Owen started having scary seizures.  After many trips to the hospital and all sorts of tests, they found fluid on his brain and put a shunt into his poor baby head.  Life after the surgery was stressful for his mom and dad, having to watch him close, take him in for more tests…wondering how their baby will develop in the years to come.  Will he be able to catch up to the other kids in his speech/skills/development in general.  I’m happy to say that Owen is now doing GREAT in all those areas!

Well, 2010 had been difficult for a lot of people I love.  First Ellie (  gained her angel wings and then shortly after that… my little friend Owen lost his father, Rob (for some reason my links aren’t working:,  in a motorcycle accident just days before his 4th birthday. 


Now it’s just him and his mom to face the world together…… and thank goodness he has such an awesome mom!  She’s so awesome that they make up words together just for fun! 

Anyway, we wanted to try and capture a few moments with Owen to share with all the friends that showed their love and support for him and his mom during such a terrible time in their lives. 

Owen – limey said he missed you already (inside joke…. he found a stick and named him limey… then made sure to say goodbye to limey before he left).

Jennifer I wish you and Owen the best with your move and I hope you come visit often!








We miss you Rob.

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