Merry Christmas…… or is it????

Every year we set out to do our annual family picture so that we can share a little “Scruggs Cheer” with the rest of our friends and family out there on our Christmas card list.  Every year I promise myself and my family that I won’t act crazy…. I won’t yell… and no one will cry.  Every year…. I FAIL! 

Yep – I break every single “tip” that I tell all my clients NOT TO DO!  I don’t know why… I just can’t seem to help myself.  It’s like this other person comes and takes over my body……I even said I was going to have a glass of wine before we set out to do our photos and I was simply too rushed to do it! 

This year topped all other years though.  I thought I would be clever and try a new exciting location – one that I hadn’t taken anyone else to.  It had a fireplace in the middle of a field.  Fun right!?!  NOPE.  Of course I didn’t take the time to really scope out the location ahead of time since it was “just” my family.  Well, well, well…. hell is what it was more like.  Poor poor Chaeli.

We pull up – oh did I mention that the baby has already poo’d through his outfit (and no I did not plan on a back up) so I had to run and get him a new outfit seconds before leaving the house (so he no longer coordinates with the rest of the family)…..oh yeah  AND  there was POO on my shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No time to change so I roll up the sleeve like a real trooper (you know I’ve been trying to figure out these outfits for WEEKS) and go on.  I’m not happy.  My husband is telling me to chill out because just moments before…. he had told me that he liked my “other outfit” better (an outfit I had worn to get my hair done in, that did not go with everyone elses outfits…as we are walking out the door).  A few not so choice words I am certain have left my mouth by this time.

So we pull up, at just the right time of day…for the PERFECT light and we see that there are piles of black trash bags full of God only knows what, an abandoned cat carrier…. and a few dirty diapers.  Deep breath…. we can work past this right?  Of course my husband asks “do you have a backup location in mind?”  NOT HELPING!

Chaeli arrives and can immediately feel me freaking out.  We push on, even though I’m already telling Chaeli that we should just leave.  She’s trying to find the bright side to this location… so we move on.  We go over and try to find the best spot.  I’m still mad.  Mad at myself, mad at my husband and just mad.

We set up for the first shot – no good place to stand/sit because it is just pure rubble around us.  Broken glass everywhere, empty beer cans, jagged rusty metal poking out everywhere.  My kids are of course touching EVERYTHING!  So we stand near this dreamboat of a fireplace.  The light is PERFECT… my kids are not.  S asked if he could wear this skull ring.  I said “of course”…. just so I could get him out of my hair at the moment.  Well…. now my kid looks like he’s throwing gang signs as he apparently tries to show off his ring in all the photos.


As Chaeli is trying to get all of us to smile – she leans down on a piece of fur that we have no idea what it ever belonged to.  She’s climbing over other piles of rubble -just going above and beyond to try and help me get this family photo!  I so owe you Chaeli!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and the whole time we are swatting away the hugest swarm of mosquitos I’ve ever seen. (That’s what O was doing here)

Even though D’s expression really sums up how I felt about the whole thing


Chaeli seriously accomplished the unbelievable by getting us this fabulous photo for our, what turned out to be, wonderful Christmas card

And of course I have to share more since this was an EPIC holiday session for our family:

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…… or is it????

  1. Oh Carrie…I am laughing so hard I think I just peed a little! And not sure if I am laughing at your account of the situation or at my own memories of that evening, but you NAILED it! But you know what, these images are SO beautiful! And what would your holiday session be without a little drama?! You guys are just so darn attractive that even dead rabbit fur can’t do you wrong!

  2. Oh they came out SO good!!! You would never know there was such a colorful backstory! You have a gorgeous family!

  3. Carrie – the pix of you and Seth is gorgeous! I also love the three kiddos hanging on you. All in all, the pictures came out beautifully. Way to go, Chaeli!

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