Boys spit….. amongst other things

I have 3 boys so there is always some form of boy grossness going on.  Either they are spitting, farting, asking you to smell their stinky feet, making arm fart noises, snorting… you name it… we got it all!  Well as it goes…. it looks like most all boys do the same stuff 🙂 

They were such great sports about the whole thing  – I mean it was pretty chilly out!  I asked the dad if he thought we were crazy to be out there at the fireplace from hell to take photos but he was so super easy going – he was game for anything!  His personality showed in the photos too because I don’t think he took even one single bad photo!  Even with all his great photos – it would be hard to top this super cutie photo of his beautiful wife!  I expect to see photos when you get that office where you plan on displaying this photo of her!

Thanks again to the “F” family for a super fun photo session and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


Charlotte Outdoor Family Photography


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