We don’t put babies in the corner… but we do put them in a bucket!

I realize it is completely silly some of the things we do with sweet little babies but there is just something irresistable about seeing a picture of a baby in a bucket!  Seriously how cute is he?????  Chaeli and I got lucky once again as we drove out to meet sweet little boy “E” – he was so very good to us!  I hope he stays that good for his mommy and daddy and lets them get some rest!  Happy New Year to everyone and here is Charlotte we are getting a huge snow (ok… huge for Charlotte) of around 6 inches!

Have a wonderful January!  I will be taking some time off in January and February but I’ll try to make a couple of post to let you all know what is happening in my neck of the woods….. oh and then we are slotted to move down into Union County in March!  Anyone want to buy my house????? I’ve got a beautiful backyard…. just made to bring out that photographer in you!

Lots going on around here!  I’ll be heading back to Providence Presby Preschool in March as well!  I’m not positive yet but I may be making my way back over to the Harrison YMCA again too.  Busy busy busy!  If you are wanting to book a spring session – shoot me an email since March is already pretty full and April will go quick.  Take care and hug your kids today!

newborn baby in a bucket

newborn baby boy wrapped in blue blanket

newborn baby boy in daddy's hands

newborn baby boy e's baby feet

newborn baby boy "e" in a knit bear hat

newborn baby boy e lying on fuzzy blanket

baby boy on blanket with lots of wrinkles

newborn baby boy in blue and brown striped knit hat

newborn baby boy e in striped green elf hat

newborn baby boy asleep and wrapped in green crochet blanket


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