Smiles.  Infectious smiles.  If you don’t smile and get a warm fuzzy feeling when you see this little guys face then you are an android robot with no soul.  Yes.  NO SOUL.  This little guys smile, well you just can’t beat it!  Look at that face!  He loved him some balloons!  What a great age.  One year olds are on the move but they are so happy and they give the worlds best smiles!

L – It was wonderful to see you as always!  I can’t believe your little man has graduated from my baby’s first year program!  How sad for me!  I know we will still see you but so sad that it won’t be as often!  You and R are such a fun and wonderful couple!  It’s really been a pleasure and know that you and your family are in my prayers.  Keep your head up and call me if you just need to chat! 



I had to include this last one simply because I loved mom’s smile!

Keep smiling ya’all!

Charlotte child photographer


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