*New* diecut birth announcments and cards

I am so please to show of a new product that I’ll be offering.  We now have custom diecut cards that you can use for birth announcements, holiday cards, birthday invitations or thank you cards…. the sky’s the limit really.  I am just giddy at how cute these are!  I printed these up to go along with a promotion that I am doing at Carmel OBGYN (they have a Blakney location along with a Steel Creek location).  These cards will be in the welcome packets for the wonderful Dr. Roginsky!  I’m not a designer but I think these came out super cute!  There are about 20 different diecut designs to choose from – this was just one of the many!

Not only is Rina putting my info in her new client welcome packets but I also got to do an office display/canvas of her beautiful baby!

Check it out:

So ladies – if you are looking for a good OBGYN…. go on over and meet my friend Rina and the other doctors at their next meet and greet


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