Guess how much I love you ~Charlotte Maternity Photographer~

pregnant couple hanging out at the park reading a book to their unborn babyGuessing is one thing these two little babes (yep… I said two…. can you believe how tiny momma K is?) will NOT have to do.  Their parents are so full of love for each other and so excited for the birth of their twins that there is simply no way that these two babies will not feel their love each and every day!  This was just such a beautiful maternity session in every way…

K&B – I wish you all the best with your upcoming additions and I know you will just have a wonderful family just by seeing the way you two look at each other.  I swear if it wasn’t for that little “bump” of a belly on you – I could have sworn I was shooting an engagement session.  I just loved being around you both and sharing in your excitement!

maternity photo of a couple at the park

Oh and before I go on – check out this gorgeous park!  Can you believe how beautiful this park is?  Thanks K for finding this gem even though we did have to fight off several other photographers that day!beautiful park photo with lots of trees and flowers with a couple expecting a baby standing on a bridge

picture of a couple expecting twins with the father touching her belly

belly shot of a pregnant woman in jeans and flowered top

couple laughing at the park, splashing in a fountain, pregnant woman

pregnant woman at the park holding an umbrella

pregnant woman pulling her husband along at the park and laughing

husband felling the baby kick while laying on a blanket at the park with blocks that spell twins

pregnant couple laughing and talking at the park while sitting in the grass


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