It’s in the water ~ Charlotte Maternity Photographer Carrie Scruggs Photography~

I know so many folks who are pregnant or just had a baby it’s NUTS!  I swear it must be something in the water!

My apologies to J that I am just now posting this maternity mentoring session I did a few months back with my wonderful client/friend J and Chaeli.  J has been my client for many years now – I met her and photographed her twin girls for their second birthday (the first time I had ever taken photos of twins… much less twin TWO year olds) and we had a wonderful time and have been great friends ever since.  I’ve continued to photograph her beautiful family many times over the past several years and when I found out she was expecting her 3rd baby girl I asked her if she would be up for a maternity session where I worked alongside Chaeli to help mentor her in doing a maternity photo session.  We of course had a great time and Chaeli found these wonderful locations for us to use!  Here’s a glimpse of what we did.

Oh and good luck J!  I know today is the day that your new baby girl is due to arrive and we can’t wait to meet her!

Maternity photograph by Carrie Scruggs Photography

Maternity picture outdoors on a porch by carrie scruggs photographyMaternity photo leaning on a brick wall by carrie scruggs Maternity photo outside of a country house by carrie scruggsMaternity photo of mother and twin girls on park bench by carrie scruggsMaternity photo of expecting mom leaning on brick wall by carrie scruggsMaternity photo of mom and twin girls on a train by carrie scruggsBlack and white photo of expecting mother by carrie scruggsPhoto of expecting mother on front porch of a country home by carrie scruggsI had to leave early so Chaeli did these next ones all on her own.  I’m so proud of you Chaeli!

Maternity photo of woman leaning on barn in sunhatMaternity photo of woman in sun hat sitting in a chairMaternity photo of woman and a rocking chairMaternity photo of a woman leaning against a tree

You are beautiful J and I hope you have an easy and happy day today!




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