babies babies everywhere ~Baby photography by Carrie Scruggs Photography~

I wasn’t lying when I said that there are a TON of babies being born right now!  So much fun for us over here – meeting all these new tiny people!

I had a great time meeting sweet little baby boy “A” this past weekend.  He slept for me like a CHAMP but from what I understand…. his parents did all the prep work the night before since he did almost zero sleeping that night!  I think he might actually hold the record for the fasted newborn photo session – I was in and out of there in 2 hours!  If you didn’t know this already – newborns take me about 3 hours to photograph since we do both awake shots and sleeping shots and we of course need to give our models a break somewhere in there to chow!

Even though they had little sleep that night before, mom and dad of baby “A” had lots of fun hats and things for us to use in his photo session.  Can you tell dad is a sports fan?  He has a baby photo in this same NY Yankees cap!

I hope you all are getting plenty of rest now!  Enjoy your new little one!

Newborn baby boy asleep with a driving cap onNewborn baby boy asleep with a knitted football hat onNewborn baby boy with a green knit hatNewborn baby boy photo in black and whiteNewborn baby boy with blue striped knit hatNewborn baby boy wearing a NY Yankees hatNewborn baby asleep in blue striped knit hatNewborn baby boy being held by mom and dadNewborn baby boy being snuggled by mom and dad


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