mine. ~Charlotte children photographer, Carrie Scruggs Photography~

Warning….. visual overload about to happen.

As any photographer will tell you…. taking pictures of our own kids is just about the HARDEST thing we ever set out to do!  It just must be something about having to be the mom and the photographer or maybe it’s just that our kids are tired of having their photos taken that they just refuse to cooperate?  Or maybe it’s just because they can feel our neediness and want?

Either way… IT IS HARD!  So I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided (at the last minute) to not only take photos of my kids WITH NO HELP…. but I also took the dog!    I shot at 5:30 (not an ideal time of day) on a busy road so there was tons of traffic passing by as we sat and tried to take some photos.  Wowza…. it was NUTS!

My little bear is now 1 and enjoyed his first lollipop though (ok – it was my attempt to keep that hat on him).

So here you go…. a little slideshow journey with my 3 boys and our dog!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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