Soup’s On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my – WOW! What a fun day I had with my two older boys yesterday!
A couple of days ago my youngest got out all my silver/pots etc and they all decided to play the drums/have a marching band (I’ll see if I can upload that video I took on my phone) so anyway….O fell in love with this gigantic wooden spoon that I have and of course asked if he could keep it. When I told him he couldn’t keep it but he could play with it…well that’s when he came home yesterday and decided that he wanted to pretend to make some soup. After fetching him a large pot, he is pleading with me to PLEASE PLEASE let him make a real soup! Lucky for him I had just stocked our pantry so I thought….why not! So that is how our adventure began! This was not planned, my house is not cleaned, my floors are dirty…. but man it was fun and they were so so proud of themselves. We even ate the soup for dinner that night with some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. Aside from being a bit on the peppery side – it was pretty darn yummy! You’ll see the ingredients they used and you’ll see S is making out the recipe in case anyone wanted it! They are super excited to share these pictures with everyone!

Soup's On

soups on 2


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