Sweet baby boy 4 months old ~Charlotte area child photographer~

Yep – we offer 1st year baby programs where we take your baby’s pictures 3 times during that 1st year and it is so wonderful! They grow and change so quickly it is CRAZY! I swear if I didn’t have pictures of it….I would have forgotten that my 3rd born son arrived with a head of black hair! Yep – BLACK! My husband was a blond as a child (brown now) and I was BRIGHT RED! Where in the world did that black hair come from! We are still amazed since now he is blond, blond …. BLOND as can be!

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen me post a little about this sweet baby boy who was around 4 months old for this session. I suggest 4 months old vs 3 months old because most babies can hold their head up pretty well by that time and it can be a fun milestone in their 1st year to have a photograph of!

This little babe had the CUTEST nautical themed room that his mom and dad did all by them selves for him (check out that dresser she refinished and put the nautical rope on for drawer pulls)! LOVE it! I just had to share that sweet image of him and his dad! Such a great dad trying to get his baby boy to smile for me! and it worked!




One thought on “Sweet baby boy 4 months old ~Charlotte area child photographer~

  1. I love these!!! You did an amazing job! We couldn’t have asked for anyone better! You are awesome! Thanks for capturing Ben’s first year!

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