Holy Hannah….Mrs K Rocks! ~ Waxhaw Family Photographer

Missing our wonderful teacher as we start another school year this morning.  We are so lucky to have had Mrs. K for Sammy’s 4th grade teacher last year.  It is simply amazing when you are gifted with teachers that truly love their job and love the kids.  What a world of difference it makes in your child’s and your life!  We were lucky to have two wonderful teachers last year (well 4 actually if you count our wonderful preschool teachers!) and we are hopeful that this year will prove the same (though they have big shoes to fill!).  Mrs. K – you are so wonderful and we miss you so much.  I hope you have a wonderful year at your new school (she is now teaching at Stallings Elementary if anyone out there is lucky enough to get her) and we will hold out hope that you might come back to us and teach Owen or Drew in the future!

Sammy just loved your good luck email  you sent him this morning.  You really  know how to make a kid feel special!  Geez, now I’m starting to tear up over here!  Sniff sniff…. we miss you!

Holy Hannah….you are so blazing cute!


Carrie and Sammy


kiger_ Kiger_2


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