Fall in Charlotte, NC – what to do with kids

WP_20141004_15_42_21_Pro__highresWe decided a few weeks ago to take the boys up hiking in the mountains and decided to hit Linville Caverns on the way.  The caverns were pretty fun but not as big as what I had thought they would be.  Still a good little family “something” to do!  We went on a Saturday around 1pm and there wasn’t much of a line so we didn’t have to wait long at all!  The tour took about 20 minutes or so and was dark but not too dark and had some tight spots but nothing too terribly tight (a few tight spots you could do if you wanted but not everyone did).  They do have bats in the cavern at times but when we were visiting – early Oct – there weren’t really any.  They do have a stream that runs through the cavern that had a couple of fish in it – kinda cool to see.  After the tour they have a cute little souvenir shop you can visit.

This to know:

Bring/wear a jacket

they ask you to step in a 10% bleach solution when you exit (it’s shallow/shouldn’t splash on you) and ask that you wash all the clothes you wore there.  It said nothing from the cavern was harmful to humans but can be harmful to bats in other areas?  Something like that – so maybe not wear your brand new favorite jacket…

I totally forgot to charge the battery in my camera so this is a mix of Fuji x-pro 1 pictures (no flash- iso all the way up) and some cell phone images 🙂

Linville caverns Linville caverns NC2 Linville caverns NC

DSCF2438_8672 DSCF2439_8673 DSCF2443_8677 DSCF2444_8678 DSCF2445_8679 DSCF2446_8680


After you visit the Linville Caverns – it’s a short drive to do a bit of hiking (free or donation!) at the Linville Falls.  Perfect place to see some fall leaves right around mid Oct.  We were there the beginning of Oct and they were just starting to change.  We did two of the hikes – the first one was super easy but not as pretty as the second trail.  We never got to do the 3rd trail because I fell (typical if you now me) and sprained my ankle pretty bad….not because the course was hard – I just miss stepped but boy was it pretty! (sorry – these are all cell phone images)

WP_20141004_15_41_30_Pro__highres WP_20141004_15_37_38_Pro__highres WP_20141004_15_35_51_Pro__highres WP_20141004_14_57_22_Pro__highres WP_20141004_14_49_12_Pro__highres WP_20141004_14_48_29_Pro__highres




After visiting the falls you can take a nice drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway 🙂

Have fun and wear boots that keep your ankle from turning!  Oh and bring jackets… it gets chilly up there!


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