We moved!

Oh my my!  What a whirlwind of crazy over these past 6 months!  Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with my blog – Facebook is simply faster/easier for quick updates.  So the big news is that we have moved.  Yep – we just up and moved to Florida!  No real reason other than we wanted to be closer to the ocean and we wanted a different type of lifestyle for ourselves…… ie….taking the kids out on a boat on the ocean for example.  So we did it.  It was fast and crazy but we have settled now and thought I’d give a quick update 🙂  So far so good on the move!  Sparky (our Boston terrier) hates the afternoon thunderstorms but other than that – we are really loving it!  We’ve never had a home with a pool in the backyard so the kids are LOVING it!  Who am I kidding – I love it too!!!!!!!!!!!

Other big news….. I turned 40 in January and my sweet hubby took me to Italy.  For sooooooooooooooo long I have just dreamed of visiting Italy and I finally had the chance and OH BOY it did not disappoint!  I loved this trip better than any place I have EVER been!  The food, the scenery, the culture….sigh.  I’m in love!  I hadn’t had a chance to work on any of my images from the trip since we had been caught up in showing our house/moving etc so here is the 1st image I’ve worked on so far.

I hope and dream to make it back here again some day.  It was simply breathtaking!  This is Manarola in Cinque Terre Italy.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit, I HIGHLY recommend taking a boat tour with Stefano – seriously it was a highlight of our trip: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187820-d1790366-Reviews-Matilde_Navigazione-Monterosso_al_Mare_Cinque_Terre_Italian_Riviera_Liguria.html

We also hiked the trails of Cinque Terre but I’ll do another post about that in the future when I have some more pictures edited 🙂

Manarola Cinque Terre Italy
Manarola Cinque Terre Italy



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