Henoch-Schönlein Purpura or HSP – Update

Since I last posted, we have seen the Gastrointestinal doctor who ordered all sorts of tests for O.  Last week he completed an upper GI barium x-ray along with a complete abdominal sonogram of all his organs.  He also did stool samples for all sorts of things like parasites, h-pylori, blood work for pancreas and everything has come back normal with exception of an EKG that was done.  The EKG was only done because a medication the GI DR. wanted to use required it.  The EKG came back with a possible Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) so we see a cardiologist next week to follow up on that!  I’m trying to not get to worked up over it since apparently EKG’s can give false positives and we have no family history of LVH.

Today we travel to Gainesville to see another Nephrologist.  We were not allowed to see the Rheumatologist we were hoping to get into.  Apparently the Rheumatologist will not see us unless the nephrologist deems us worthy 😦  So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has now missed over 5 weeks of school 😦  Luckily our school year ends soon and even though he doesn’t feel well – he’s pretty content when he’s home.

Wish us luck!


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