First family pictures ~ Saint Augustine

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to photograph this families first ever professional family photography session where they were all together!  It’s so hard for our military families to find the time and schedule a family photo since time is simply so limited!  This sweet family only had their dad home for a few short weeks before he had to ship out once again! I really thought the weather was going to cause a problem for us since it was January but nope – it turned out to be a stunningly beautiful day!  We met up and strolled around the beautiful downtown streets of Saint Augustine!

Thank you for your service to both Dad and his family for all they have to endure while he is away keeping our country safe!  Fair winds and following seas.



Foster families are the best

I am simply amazed at the size of heart this family has.  In less than a year from becoming approved foster parents, this family has given their love, time and home to 4 very young kids from two different families (including a baby!) and she still makes time to volunteer almost daily at our elementary school and is super active in our PTO.  How she finds the drive and energy is beyond me.  If it were me, I think I would have found a new best friend named Ben and Jerry’s!  Thank goodness for families that give so willingly.  The love they are sharing with their foster kids will make a difference in these sweet kids lives more than we could ever possibly know.




Morning time family pictures Julington-Durbin Preserve

Twins!  How wonderful and crazy your life must be with twin girls!  I can only imagine!  From a mom of 3 boys – twin girls is like the opposite side of the universe for me!  I definitely think I would go broke on all the cute clothes out there for girls though!

I was so super impressed by the positive attitude this sweet young family had after loosing their home and 2 beloved dogs to a house fire during hurricane Irma.  Luckily mom and babies were away at the store and dad is a volunteer fire fighter who was away helping other families deal with the hurricane.  I can’t imagine the heartbreak they are feeling losing all their pictures and belongings.  Stay strong and hug and love on those babies!


I was told there would be treats? Jacksonville Pet Photographer

Hello.  Um, I was told there would be treats and I’ve looked all around and I ah…I ah don’t see any treats.  Maybe someone is out buying said treats right now?  Ah, I’ll be honest…. I really only came for the treats and if there are no treats then I am going home.




*Aunt Kara, that stink eye is just for you.  Thanks, thanks a lot. I thought we were friends.

I’m considering trying to put together a pet portrait fundraiser since several of our shelters were flooded from Irma – would anyone be interested?????  I’m thinking black and white on the white backdrop similar to this but maybe with some funny photo booth style props or even Halloween costumes?  I’ll need to find a good location –

Love at first sight ~Julington Creek Family Photographer~

I’m sure you are guessing that I’m referring to how much in love these two are….but NOPE!  When I say “love at first sight” I mean for me!  (well I’m sure for the two of them too).  I just have to tell you all how much I LOVE this woman.  If anyone could be a super hero in disguise – it would be this woman right here!


Meet my youngest son’s 1st grade teacher.  She is just the most wonderful human being.  Her heart is clearly two sizes too big and I am fortunate enough to reap the benefits.

For those who know me personally, you already know that poor sweet D has seen countless speech therapists since he was about 3.  We have had an uphill struggle with his speech/articulation/annunciation and since he has started school we have had to add on reading and writing therapists as well.  We had an educational evaluation done this summer that shined a light on the evidence of dyslexia and dysgraphia.

I’m telling you this because we feel like we have hit the lottery by getting Mrs. L as his teacher.  She has helped us navigate through all these learning issues and calls me (with out me requesting) to keep me in the loop on how my little guy is progressing in school. I am fortunate enough to get the opportunity of spending every Wednesday morning helping in her classroom and seeing first hand her patience with all these energetic and affectionate children 🙂

To say that she goes above and beyond is an understatement! My little guy just had to have his tonsils removed and guess who shows up with ice cream and a bag full of get well cards from his classmates – yep!  Not fibbing – she really took time out of her day to stop by and personally wish him well.  Wow. right?  WOW!

I am over the moon happy that I was able to give her and her family their first ever family photo session.  I can’t express how wonderful it feels to give even something tiny back to someone who does so much for others. We are so lucky to have you Mrs. L.  You have a beautiful family!

And to all of the wonderful teachers that have graced our lives – thank you for all that you do!

dolly_1 dolly-2

Thanks and Sharing

I just want to throw out a quick THANKS! to all our wonderful clients this fall.  We, over here at CES Photography, have been able to help 3 family’s in need this Holiday season.  Providing clothing and gifts.  Thanks to your support of our little business over here….we’ve been able to pay it forward!  Whoot Whoot!



Happy Holidays everyone!


*LOVE* ~Charlotte Charity Photography by Carrie Scruggs~

Love.  What would the world or life be without it.

This sweet little girl is surrounded by it.  Her parents – the definition.

Sweet little M was diagnosed with Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia Type 2″ (PCH2) when she was just 6 months old.  Sher’s now 3 and her parents are so happy ….the day after we met…she was going to start school!  She’s also blessed to have a darling little 5 month old brother who is already pulling her hair and tormenting her just a little 🙂

I was lucky enough to have met this beautiful family through a charity program I am part of called Inspiration Through Art

Mrs “T”….. giving back and an update! (Charlotte Family Photographer)

Giving back and being a part of your community is so very important and well….. rewarding.  I am so lucky that my job is one that allows me to bring just a little spark of happiness to those around me…. especially in times of stress and need.  

Mrs T,

It was so wonderful to meet your beautiful family!  I am so happy to hear that your surgery went well and hope you have a speedy recovery! 



I”m in the middle of boxing up my house for our move on Monday so I’ll keep this short and sweet!  Please be patient with me as I may be without internet for several days while we move into our new house and get set up. 

Change can be good….. right????

Or at least that is what I keep telling myself because it’s so hard to say goodbye.  Gosh, I’m already starting to cry and I haven’t even written anything yet!  Bear with me here (is that even how you spell bear in this case…. I’m a horrible speller?).

So – my good friend and her son are moving in just a few days.  I know it’s sad when anyone you love moves away but this time is feels harder simply because of all the things going on in their lives right now… and the fact that I won’t be able to lend them a hand when they move away.

Ok ok – my mind is just a mess and I am having a hard time telling you their story.  Sorry.  Let me try again.  I met my wonderful friend Jennifer a few years back when she had just moved here to Charlotte.  I thought it was so cool that she also had a son named Owen and we quickly became friends through her wonderful sister.  I remember the first time we hung out…. we all sat on my kitchen floor as her Owen had his first taste of “kicks” cereal!  I remember this because I found it so cool that she was so laid back that she didn’t think a thing about sitting on my kitchen floor (vs at the table) and was just so easy to talk to.  Shortly after they moved here – her son Owen started having scary seizures.  After many trips to the hospital and all sorts of tests, they found fluid on his brain and put a shunt into his poor baby head.  Life after the surgery was stressful for his mom and dad, having to watch him close, take him in for more tests…wondering how their baby will develop in the years to come.  Will he be able to catch up to the other kids in his speech/skills/development in general.  I’m happy to say that Owen is now doing GREAT in all those areas!

Well, 2010 had been difficult for a lot of people I love.  First Ellie (  gained her angel wings and then shortly after that… my little friend Owen lost his father, Rob (for some reason my links aren’t working:,  in a motorcycle accident just days before his 4th birthday. 


Now it’s just him and his mom to face the world together…… and thank goodness he has such an awesome mom!  She’s so awesome that they make up words together just for fun! 

Anyway, we wanted to try and capture a few moments with Owen to share with all the friends that showed their love and support for him and his mom during such a terrible time in their lives. 

Owen – limey said he missed you already (inside joke…. he found a stick and named him limey… then made sure to say goodbye to limey before he left).

Jennifer I wish you and Owen the best with your move and I hope you come visit often!








We miss you Rob.

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Up on the auction block ~Charlotte children’s photographer~

Going once!  Going twice!  Sold!

Ok – I’ve only been to one real live auction in my life and I was pretty little but I really do think it went kinda like that!  I think you must have a special talent to be an auctioneer – they talk soooooo fast!  Well luckily for the “R” family – they didn’t have to be on their toes quite so much when they won this auction…… it was the SILENT type!  Last fall I had donated a session to one of my clients schools to help them raise money in the way of a silent auction and the “R” family were my wonderful winners!  Yay “R” family!

I photograph a variety of ages but to be honest – I get a lot of babies and smaller kids since those are the “networks” I am in since my kids are small.  I have to say… it was a nice change to hang out with some big kids for a while!  Even though…. I still don’t believe them when they told me they don’t watch much tv!  What kid doesn’t like to watch tv?????  I could only WISH that to be the case in my house 🙂