Baby’s 1st year pictures


It’s so fun to see just how much a little one can change in the matter of a year!  They start out so stinking tiny and end up with loads of personality by the end of the 1st year! Oh and I have to include some of Joy’s maternity images simply because I love them soooooooooooo much! AND of course I had to share their super cute family Halloween costumes because they are such a fun family!  Honestly we had so much fun during every single one of our sessions that it was really hard to figure out what images to share (as if you can’t tell by the visual overload below!).   Thank you so much Joy for allowing me to capture the 1st year of your sweet baby boy!  I look forward to seeing you all again soon!



newborn_baby_boy_c 3montholdbabyboy_joyII babyboyjoy

sibling tea party



Ben’s 1st year ~Waxhaw Child and Family photography~

Oh so many ways your baby will change in that first year.  It’s simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love seeing all the cute stages of a babies first year.

3-4months – holding their head up

6-7 months – sitting up

1 year- crawling or walking and usually a few teeth!

3months 6 months



cute cute cute! 3 month old baby boy pictures by Carrie Scruggs Photography

Ahhh the beginning of chub city! This was little man’s 3-4 month old session from the 1st year package and I love seeing them start to chub up! The next session we do in the 1st year photo package is the 6-7 month old session and that is usually where the real chub comes in! You know what I mean – the twist off wrists (that line in their wrists when they are super chunky) and the Michelin man look with those chubby thighs! I can’t wait!

Sweet baby boy 4 months old ~Charlotte area child photographer~

Yep – we offer 1st year baby programs where we take your baby’s pictures 3 times during that 1st year and it is so wonderful! They grow and change so quickly it is CRAZY! I swear if I didn’t have pictures of it….I would have forgotten that my 3rd born son arrived with a head of black hair! Yep – BLACK! My husband was a blond as a child (brown now) and I was BRIGHT RED! Where in the world did that black hair come from! We are still amazed since now he is blond, blond …. BLOND as can be!

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen me post a little about this sweet baby boy who was around 4 months old for this session. I suggest 4 months old vs 3 months old because most babies can hold their head up pretty well by that time and it can be a fun milestone in their 1st year to have a photograph of!

This little babe had the CUTEST nautical themed room that his mom and dad did all by them selves for him (check out that dresser she refinished and put the nautical rope on for drawer pulls)! LOVE it! I just had to share that sweet image of him and his dad! Such a great dad trying to get his baby boy to smile for me! and it worked!



1st year photo program

It just amazes me how fast little kids change so it makes it even more the better to be able to capture some of those ever changing moments for my families. Love this little sweetheart- his eyes are so beautiful! My first year package includes 3 sessions within the first year and I usually recommend them at 4 months, 7 months and 1 year. Why 4 and 7 months vs 3 and 6? Well I’ll tell ya! Babies can usually hold their heads up better at 4-5 months so it’s nice to be able to document that milestone and can make for some super cute pictures. Same thing with 7 months – look how cute his is sitting with his little naked tush! Most babies don’t sit well/for a good amount of time until more around 7 months 🙂

A year in review ~Belly to 1st birthday~

Wow – it is so fun to see the entire year of a child’s life as they grow!  I thought I’d do a quick share of a beautiful set of twins, from belly to 1st birthday!


Sweet 5 month old baby boy ~Charlotte area Baby photography by Carrie Scruggs~

I love it when they have rolls!  Could his eye be any bluer?  LOVE!

~ Quick note that I will be out of the office from July 19-29 with little to no access to internet or phone

Hope you are having a great summer!

Milestones ~baby photography by Carrie Scruggs~

I often recommend that parents use the babies 1st year package to document the milestones of the 1st year instead of the traditional sessions at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.  What are the milestones?  Well, around 4 months babies will start holding their heads really well and they start to smile!  Around 7 months babies can sit on their own so we LOVE to get those cute little naked booty shots.  Then of course 1 year they are usually cruising/pulling up and sometimes walking 🙂

Here’s a great example of the 4 month milestone photo session we did recently with sweet little twins: