more school time cuties ~Charlotte School Photography~


Preschool madness 2012 ~Charlotte area preschool photography~

It’s that time again!  Time for Chaeli and I to visit those little preschool cuties!  First up for the season was Providence Presby Preschool.  They are a wonderful learn by play preschool that both of my older boys attended when they were little guys!  Our preschool photography sessions are all done outdoors and are printed just the same as all my personal portrait photography – no cutting out your wallet size photos!  Everything we print is high-end and beautiful!

School Photography ` Charlotte, NC

It’s been another busy year with some fun school photos!  We’ve been having some crazy rainy weather here and there but we made it happen!  Here are a few from the 1st school that Chaeli and I did this fall (2 more to come).  These are all outdoor photos using natural/available light.


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spring preschool cuties ~Carrie Scruggs Preschool Photography~

Yet another fabulous year of spring preschool cuties over there at Providence Presby Preschool!  We always have a great time when we visit PPP.  The teachers are wonderful and the kids are even better 🙂

We kept it pretty simple this spring with just two proofs instead of our standard three but I think all went well and the kids enjoyed themselves too (even though that wind kept giving us crazy flyaway hair!).  The parents could choose between color or black and white images and of course all of our images are edited by hand and sent out for printing from a professional print lab to give our wonderful parents beautiful quality prints.

Also – many thanks to the wonderful PPP parents for supporting their preschool through our pictures.  We do our preschool sessions as a school fundraiser so the more beautiful images you buy of your child…… the more you help your preschool!

And one last shout out to my wonderful friend/assistant Chaeli for always making the kids laugh so I can get these amazing smiles!

Please email me if your preschool is in the Charlotte area and looking to try out a new photographer 🙂



Squeezable cuteness happening over here!

Oh so much preschool cuteness happening around here! Seriously – how could you not want to squeeze this little face?  Many thanks to the Harris Y preschool for having Chaeli and I out to take some lovely preschool photos.

School photography never looked so cute!

Well at least my kid’s school photos never looked so cute as these!  School photography really hasn’t come very far in most ways (not talking about my school photography of course!)… but at least we no longer have the fake mini blinds as a background option!  Did you know that in my son’s elementary school you can select your background from a choice of like 8 different colors (all hideous by the way) and you also have to PREPAY.  Somehow, even though I’m a photographer.. I still get guilted into buying that annual school photo.  Some people have told me how they ask for a reshoot if their kid looks funny in the photo but to me… isn’t that the point?  Future blackmail material????  I guess I’m one of the few that believe…the funnier/dorkier the photo… the better! (at least for school photos that is!).

But hey – we had no crazy dorky funny photos in our beautiful Montessori school photos!  I was SOOOOOOOO happy to see that these kids came out with their game face on this year!  They were all dressed so stinking cute!  Oh and if you didn’t know this about me… I have a soft spot for any kid in rain boots (my little “O” wears them everywhere and I just LOVE IT!).  Check out some cool and good-looking school photography here in our wonderful Charlotte area:


Cover Cutie ~Children’s Photographer, Charlotte NC~

I am so proud to have the cover cutie image for Three years in a row (for the August issue) on Little Ones Magazine.   Little Ones Magazine is a local children’s magazine here in Charlotte, NC that has all sorts of fun articles pertaining to raising children and all the toys and gadgets that go along with parenthood! 

This year’s cover cute is little Ms. Kira Britt. I met Kira while I was doing the school photographs for Providence Presbyterian Preschool. Congrat’s Kira!
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School days… school days… ~Charlotte Preschool Photographer~

As many of you are already aware… I recently took pictures for Providence Presby Preschool.  I had such a great time, the kids were wonderful, the weather was great and it was an all around fantastic time!

I thought I would post some photo from the preschool sessions and then also some from the sibling sessions we did after school.  Oh and a Big “THANK YOU” to my great friend and assistant Chaeli for sticking by me and helping me the ENTIRE time! 

School Shots:










And here are a few from our sibling sessions: