About me


Hello and welcome to Carrie Scruggs Photography!


Please take your time and look around my Facebook  and blog to get a feel for the type of pictures I take (my website is currently being redesigned and should be up again soon).  I specialize in newborn, children and family photography in the Saint Johns/Jacksonville Florida areas.​  I also take assignments for personal and professional headshots and various other corporate work like real estate images.  I have had several images showcased on local magazine covers and I lease many of my images for use to places like Shutterfly and Tinyprints as well as other stock imaging companies.


A little about me….

In my mind I am the lead singer of a cool indy band, drive an old bronco filled with tripods and other various photo equipment with a large yellow lab in the passenger seat.


In reality…. I’m a stay at home mom to 3 boys ….who drives a mini van and has a small (but cute!) little boston terrier.  Oh and all the neighborhood dogs howl when I sing…. ok maybe not…but my kids do plead for me to stop!


​I am a photographer because I love pictures.  I love the feel of the paper between my fingers and the memory that comes from looking at that photo. A picture can take you back in time. I can smell sweetness of the flowers, feel the sunshine on my skin and hear the laughter of my little boys!  As I get older and my memory fades is when I have really started to appreciate those photos even more.  Funny how quick you can forget….my youngest is only 4 years old and already I had forgotten that he was born with a head of black hair (we all have light/blond hair)….until I saw his pictures again.  Pictures do for me what my mind wants to do…but just can’t always get there…..remember.


Pictures help me to remember…..

To experience a lost moment…again.


As a professional photographer, I help you as a parent to be in those memories with your kids. Whether you want a posed group photo or playful images of you blowing bubbles with your little ones….I will help you to remember.


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