Frequently asked questions


What if it rains on your session date?

No problem – we leave room in our calendar for just this type of situation.  Since we work mostly outdoors it can be quite common that we have to reschedule due to inclement weather.  No worries, we will contact you and find the next available date that works for your family.


What if my child is ill?

Again, no problem.  Please contact us ASAP to reschedule.  We want you to love your experience along with your images so it is important to us that everyone is well and happy on the day of our photo session.


How long does it take before I get to view my proofs?

We are super excited for you to see your images too so we do our best to get them edited and loaded into your gallery ASAP! A good estimate is about 1-2 weeks but often times much quicker depending on the time of year (fall is obviously the busiest time of year)!


Can I order images after my gallery has expired?

Yes, but there is a $35 archive retrieval fee to reload your gallery for another week.


Can friends and family order pictures from my gallery?

Of course!  That is the beauty of an online gallery.  You can easily share your session with family and they can order directly from us so you don’t have to keep track of who ordered what and mail them out etc.  We do that for you!


Will you help me design a wall collage for my photos?

Yes!  We would love to help you figure out how and what to put on your walls!  We have a computer program that will even allow us to put your images into frames and show you how you can display them on your walls!


Do you sell frames?

Yes!  We sell Organic Bloom frames along with Firefly Frames.  Contact us for more information on ordering these beautiful frames.


Do you sell just a disc of images without purchasing any prints?

Unfortunately not.  I am a print girl and it’s important to me that you have professionally printed images to hang on your walls.


Once I have placed an order, how long before I receive my order?

1-2 weeks is the general turnaround time on all orders but often times sooner depending on the time of year.





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