Session Guide

What to expect:

When you book your session you will need to decide if you want to have your session in/around your home or at another location like a park.  Also, what time of day would you like to have your session?  We have several outdoor areas we use and can recommend depending on the time of day you have selected for your session and the ages of your children.


Things to consider:

If you have small kids – select a session time where they are most likely to be happy, not tired or hungry

If you have bigger kids – do they like to explore and be outdoors?  If so a park session may be nice

Is your child very shy and timid?  Then a session in or around your home where they are familiar might work well.

Do you have a green thumb and just love all the landscaping you have done around your home?  Then let’s show that off in your family photo session with an in home session.

Are you a laid back family that loves to hang out in their pj’s all day?  Let’s meet up at your place and have a snuggly session in your master bedroom.

The most important things to having a successful photo session are happy kids and nice light.  So if you are wanting to have the session at your home, we will look around and try to find a location that has nice even light.

We will follow your lead.  If you are relaxed and want to have a play centered photo session – GREAT!  We are all in and would love that!

If you are more timid in front of the camera and not sure what to do – no worries!  We will help direct you so that you look your best in front of the camera!

Have pets?  We love pets too!  Let them be in the family pictures if you are up for it!

Overall, we are very flexible and in general do a mix of play centered photos along with some loosely posed photos largely depending on what you have requested and the ages of your kids.

Have a fun idea?  Share it with us!  We would love to capture your family in a fun and meaningful way.


Here is a sample session from a park done in the late afternoon


Here is a sample session done at the clients home also in the late afternoon


What to wear:

The goal is to coordinate your outfits, not match each other.  A good way to start is to pick a color pallet that appeals to you.  Don’t be afraid to mix up pattern and solids.  For example you can have a family of 4 and instead of having everyone is a solid color – have Dad and one of the kids in a pattern.

Another great idea is to layer your outfits with things like scarves, jackets, ties etc to give your portrait more depth.  Feel free to bring some things with you and I can help you put things together the day of.  Often times clients will email me ideas and pictures of what they are wearing so we can tweak their outfits before the session.

I’m a visual person so I created a pinboard to help with some good outfit ideas and some color pallet suggestions:

Here are some of my favorites (note these are not my images just outfit ideas pinned from pinterest – the original pins and posting information can be found via the above link)

brick_bluejean brown_orange yellow_browngray_tan_blue  neutrals purple_brown_gray tan

yellow_blue multi



Let’s work on those bare and empty walls in your house!  Let’s rock them out with some fun frames and images!  I’m a visual person myself so it always helps me to see examples of frame collages to get an idea of how to place my images together!  I used Organic Bloom frames for these examples but you could use any frames you wanted.


Size Matters:

It’s important to consider the size of the wall that you are going to place your photos on.  You wouldn’t want to put an 11×14 all alone above this couch but you could do a collage or possibly a single larger image like a 30×40











With collages the options are endless!  Here are a few more ideas for both canvas and frame collages  Again keep in mind that with the Organic Bloom frames, the outside dimensions are much larger than the opening for the photo so be sure to consult our Organic Bloom guide before ordering. 123 456 789   Blue2_collage



If you need help seeing how your images will look displayed together, just let me know.  I can slip your images into any arrangement that you choose to show you better just how wonderful they will look on your walls!


Coffee Table Albums


Our other main product besides prints are custom made coffee table albums.  These are gorgeous 10×10 albums with anywhere from 20-50 pages depending on the size you choose.  You can further customize the album by choosing either a leather, suede, linen or photo cover.  Each page is designed around the images you have selected for me in your photo gallery.  Once I have configured all the pages I will then send you the proofs so that we can tweak the layout and make any necessary changes.

fabric_album_cover suade_album_cover vintage_leather_album_cover

This is a custom photo cover layout showing the back of the album on the left, then spine and front cover on the right.album


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