Don’t call me chicken

Happy birthday to my sweet sweet niece Addi!  We had such a wonderful time visiting with all of our family up in VA and welcoming another beautiful niece (photos to come in a few days) along with celebrating this big girls 3rd birthday!  Hurray!  She loves her chickens and we had a blast chasing them around!






1st year photo program

It just amazes me how fast little kids change so it makes it even more the better to be able to capture some of those ever changing moments for my families. Love this little sweetheart- his eyes are so beautiful! My first year package includes 3 sessions within the first year and I usually recommend them at 4 months, 7 months and 1 year. Why 4 and 7 months vs 3 and 6? Well I’ll tell ya! Babies can usually hold their heads up better at 4-5 months so it’s nice to be able to document that milestone and can make for some super cute pictures. Same thing with 7 months – look how cute his is sitting with his little naked tush! Most babies don’t sit well/for a good amount of time until more around 7 months 🙂

6 month old baby love ~Ballantyne Baby photography by Carrie Scruggs~

My apologies on the lack of posting lately but this is always such a crazy busy time of year for us over here!  I do love it though when I get the chance to hang with a sweet 6 month old baby – they are always so fun and happy a this age!  Check this pure cuteness!


Carrie Scruggs Photography – Charlotte Child and Baby photographer

*TWINS* ~Fort Mill Newborn Photography by Carrie Scruggs~

Often times when I arrive to take pictures of sweet new babies I find the parents bickering about all sorts of various things and sometimes the tension is quite thick.  I mean it’s not like babies come with a manual.  They don’t have an “off” button when you want to roll over and sleep.  Everyone is tired, wishing they knew what in the heck these little creatures want 🙂  The early days of bringing home a new baby (much less two!) can be very stressful.

Well, as I said in my last post on this beautiful couple – they are just so in love and it gives me such a gooshy feeling just being around them.  They were soooooooooooo sweet with each other as they tried to figure out what needed to be done, who needed to be changed/fed etc.  I really felt their “team” effort and it just makes me go all soft inside.  Keep it up you two!  You are GREAT together and you are going to be fantastic parents!

Photograph of newborn twins in knit hats by carrie scruggsphoto of a newborn baby girl in a knit bunny hat by carrie scruggsphoto of newborn baby boy in green knit button hatphoto of newborn twins snuggling by carrie scruggsphoto of the feet of twin newborn babies by carrie scruggsblack and white photo of newborn twins cuddling together by carrie scruggsphoto of newborn twins in pink and green knit button hats by carrie scruggsphoto of a newborn babies smooshy lips by carrie scruggsphoto of baby girl a in knit pink stiped hat by carrie scruggsphoto of newborn baby boy awke and happy

photo of mom and dad welcoming their newborn twins by carrie scruggs

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We don’t put babies in the corner… but we do put them in a bucket!

I realize it is completely silly some of the things we do with sweet little babies but there is just something irresistable about seeing a picture of a baby in a bucket!  Seriously how cute is he?????  Chaeli and I got lucky once again as we drove out to meet sweet little boy “E” – he was so very good to us!  I hope he stays that good for his mommy and daddy and lets them get some rest!  Happy New Year to everyone and here is Charlotte we are getting a huge snow (ok… huge for Charlotte) of around 6 inches!

Have a wonderful January!  I will be taking some time off in January and February but I’ll try to make a couple of post to let you all know what is happening in my neck of the woods….. oh and then we are slotted to move down into Union County in March!  Anyone want to buy my house????? I’ve got a beautiful backyard…. just made to bring out that photographer in you!

Lots going on around here!  I’ll be heading back to Providence Presby Preschool in March as well!  I’m not positive yet but I may be making my way back over to the Harrison YMCA again too.  Busy busy busy!  If you are wanting to book a spring session – shoot me an email since March is already pretty full and April will go quick.  Take care and hug your kids today!

newborn baby in a bucket

newborn baby boy wrapped in blue blanket

newborn baby boy in daddy's hands

newborn baby boy e's baby feet

newborn baby boy "e" in a knit bear hat

newborn baby boy e lying on fuzzy blanket

baby boy on blanket with lots of wrinkles

newborn baby boy in blue and brown striped knit hat

newborn baby boy e in striped green elf hat

newborn baby boy asleep and wrapped in green crochet blanket

A special message for a special mom…..

All mom’s are special.  Hopefully you let your mom know just how special she is… at least once a year, right?  Well “C” and “J” wanted to send their mom a little special message……. because she’s had an extra hard year.  “K” – I don’t know how much you want to share with others so I won’t post your story on here but please know that you are loved and we are all pulling for you. 

Be strong. 

You are strong. 

You are beautiful.

You are a wonderful mom.

You are a wonderful wife.

You are loved.



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New to Charlotte….. introducing baby “F”

Newborns are just so sweet, so soft, so snuggly, just so tiny…… they are a great reminder of just how fast time flies.  When your baby first arrives home you feel like they will be this tiny forever but in reality….only a few small weeks and they are already several pounds larger, they start to stretch out more… their face changes…. on and on it goes from there.  Have fun with whatever you are doing in your life right now 🙂

Welcome baby “F”!  I hope you are a good sleeper for your mommy since you are baby boy #3…… she’ll need all the rest she can get (I speak from experience of course)!.



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1st family portrait

Ah the first year of your fist childs life is filled with….. well…. so many “firsts”!  First smiles, first words, first conversations about poo with your friends… and the first family portrait!  Hopefully this will be the lead in to a wonderful first Christmas as well!  It was great to see you all again and I can’t wait to see little man “C” on his upcoming 1st birthday!




my baby is 6 months today!

Happy birthday my sweet little boy!  I can’t believe it’s already 6 months!  WOW!  I am so happy to say that we have been so very lucky… our sweet little guy is such a good good baby.  He rarely ever fuses unless he’s hungry… even if it took him until a week before he turned 6 months to sleep through the night!  Yes – that’s right… he’s FINALLY sleeping through the night!  Hurray!  Hopefully this means I won’t be quite the zombie anymore! 

If you follow me on facebook then you already know that I’ve been taking photos of my little guy each month on his birthday… but I think I forgot to share them here!  So here you go… a little walk down memory lane ….

5 momths:

4 months:

3 months:

2 months:

1 month: