Beach fun – Saint John’s Florida family photographer

Just a quick post to say that I hope you are enjoying this weekend with those you love ūüôā


We love large families ~Ballantyne Area family photography


I was so happy to see Kiran and her beautiful family this year. ¬†They are just all so nice and her kids have the BEST manners! ¬†AND they are seasoned pro’s at taking pictures! ¬†It was so stinking cute how all the big sisters where like little mama’s to their baby brother! ¬†They each wanted their photo taken with him – I thought that was just so sweet! ¬†Sigh – his future wife will have a lot to live up to!


High School Senior Pictures ~ Charlotte NC~


Such fun and exciting times to be a senior in high school Рgetting ready to set out on so many new and exciting adventures.  Good luck Lindsey!  It was wonderful working with you and I know you will go off to do many wonderful things in the coming years!



Gorgeous big sisters ~ brother and sister twins~ beautiful family pictures~ Charlotte, NC

One of the perks of running a very small family photography business is that I get to see my families as they grow!¬† We were super excited to hear the Yancey’s were expecting twins!¬† They decided to go for baby #3 and ended up with #3 and #4!!!!¬† Their beautiful daughters (who we also got to photograph when they were babies) were so loving with their new brother and sisters.¬† Congratulations to you all!


family_twins_siblings twins_a twins_b

Ben’s 1st year ~Waxhaw Child and Family photography~

Oh so many ways your baby will change in that first year. ¬†It’s simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love seeing all the cute stages of a babies first year.

3-4months – holding their head up

6-7 months – sitting up

1 year- crawling or walking and usually a few teeth!

3months 6 months



Have fun with your family ~Charlotte Family Photogrphy by Carrie Scruggs!

Hi hope you all have a super fun Thanksgiving weekend full of smiles, laughter and joy!

I will be back in the office Monday ūüôā

family having fun together

Quick share ~Charlotte Family Photography by Carrie Scruggs~

I’ve gotta make this quick since I have to leave in just a minute to go meet a sweet little family that we are doing a charity session for through Inspiration Through Art.

If you guys haven’t met her personally – here’s my wonderful friend/assistant and her beautiful family!


XOXO  Love you Chaeli!

Who knew……. ~Charlotte family photography by Carrie Scruggs Photography~

One of the best compliments I have ever received:

“We all had a lot of fun, can‚Äôt wait to do it again-who would have thought pictures could be so much fun.”

Thanks LA!  Chaeli and I had a great time with your family too!


*TWINS* ~Fort Mill Newborn Photography by Carrie Scruggs~

Often times when I arrive to take pictures of sweet new babies I find the parents bickering about all sorts of various things and sometimes the tension is quite thick.¬† I mean it’s not like babies come with a manual.¬† They don’t have an “off” button when you want to roll over and sleep.¬† Everyone is tired, wishing they knew what in the heck these little creatures want ūüôā¬† The early days of bringing home a new baby (much less two!) can be very stressful.

Well, as I said in my last post on this beautiful couple – they are just so in love and it gives me such a gooshy¬†feeling just being around them.¬† They were soooooooooooo¬†sweet with each other as they tried to figure out what needed to be¬†done, who needed to be¬†changed/fed etc.¬† I really felt their “team” effort and it just makes me go all soft inside.¬† Keep it up you two!¬† You are GREAT together and you are going to be fantastic parents!

Photograph of newborn twins in knit hats by carrie scruggsphoto of a newborn baby girl in a knit bunny hat by carrie scruggsphoto of newborn baby boy in green knit button hatphoto of newborn twins snuggling by carrie scruggsphoto of the feet of twin newborn babies by carrie scruggsblack and white photo of newborn twins cuddling together by carrie scruggsphoto of newborn twins in pink and green knit button hats by carrie scruggsphoto of a newborn babies smooshy lips by carrie scruggsphoto of baby girl a in knit pink stiped hat by carrie scruggsphoto of newborn baby boy awke and happy

photo of mom and dad welcoming their newborn twins by carrie scruggs

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